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The Effect Of Nitric Oxide-Releasing Nanoparticle On Nerve Revascularization And Functional Recovery After Sciatic Nerve Crush Injury In Rats
Jong Woong Park, Professor, MD, PhD; Ji Hun PARK, MD
Korea University, Seoul, Korea, Republic of (South)

Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of nitric oxide (NO)-releasing nanoparticle around crushed nerve on nerve revascularization and functional recovery in a rat model.

Methods: A total of 48 Lewis rats were randomly divided into two groups of 24 rats each. A standard calibrated crushed (6 mm width, 20 seconds) sciatic nerve of group I was augmented in fibrin glue. The crushed sciatic nerve of group II was treated with NO-releasing nanoparticle in fibrin glue carrier. We conducted the microangiography using a colored microangiographic polymer (MicrofilŽ) in four rats from each group at 3 days after surgery. Sciatic functional index (SFI) using the walking tract test and compound muscle action potential (CMAP) of tibialis anterior (TA) were weekly measured to evaluate serial recovery of functional motor nerve. We checked the in-vivo isometric tetanic contraction force of TA, wet weight of TA muscle, and nerve histomorphometry at 3 and 6 weeks after surgery. All results of TA contraction force and wet muscle weight were normalized to the contralateral side.

Results: Microangiography showed that the mean neural vascular density in crushing site of group II were higher than group I. The mean SFI and CMAP of group II was higher than group I until 4 weeks after treatment, but each groups had similar at 5 and 6 weeks. The mean TA contraction force of group II at 6 weeks was higher than group I (90.6% vs 68%) and the mean wet muscle weight of group II at 3 weeks was higher than group I (50.4% vs 44.1%). Nerve histomorphometry showed that the number of myelinated axons was higher, axon diameter and myelin sheath were greater in group II at 3 and 6 weeks.

Conclusions: NO-releasing nanoparticle treatment of an acute sciatic nerve crush injury promotes early revascularization of crushing sciatic nerve as well as nerve regeneration with functional recovery.

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