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Fall 2015   •   Volume 5, Issue 2

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Jonathan Isaacs, MD
Associate Editors:
Brent M. Egeland, MD
Jonathan M. Winograd, MD
Thomas Tung, MD, ASPN President
Message From The President

Dear Colleagues and Friends

The year is going by quickly and the Annual Meeting is only 2 months away. A great program has been lined up by my program chair Ida Fox and we are grateful for everyone's hard work and commitment this year from the executive council to our committee members, our new management company PRRI, and to Jonathan Isaacs whose work on the newsletter is so easily taken for granted. As the meeting nears, there are important issues that will be addressed and opened for discussion in January.

I wish to thank everyone for their participation in the survey this past year regarding possible changes in the society's name and logo. The results regarding the logo change were clear with the majority agreeing that the current logo needed to be "freshened" or changed completely. Work is currently in progress on several new design ideas and the leadership will be reviewing in January. Logo samples will be shared with the membership afterwards. The results regarding the possible name change however have been much less consistent. Many feel that the current name is fine while others feel that it is outdated but there is also little agreement whether the term "peripheral" should be dropped or if "surgery" should be added. A discussion with the membership will be held in January.

As the year nears its end, I encourage everyone to reach out to colleagues and trainees, and let them know what a unique society the ASPN is. Because we are a relatively small society, members can more readily make a significant impact on the society while also contributing to the field of nerve surgery. It is important that the society continues to grow and be a leader for all scientists and surgeons of multiple disciplines and training backgrounds with a common interest in nerve surgery and regeneration. Personally invite your colleagues to the annual meeting and let them know that there is always something for members at all levels from the most recent and controversial techniques to the review of common basic principles of nerve injury, compression, and regeneration. The venue will be great and will facilitate an educational experience while offering plenty for recreation and relaxation.

I hope to see you in Scottsdale!

Thomas H. Tung, MD
Associate Professor
Director of Microsurgical Reconstruction
Co-Director, Center for Nerve Injury and Paralysis
Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO

Executive Council Members
Thomas H. H. Tung, MD
Saint Louis, MO

Martijn Malessy, MD, PhD
Leiden, Netherlands

Tessa Gordon, PhD
Toronto, ON, Canada

David L Brown, MD, FACS
Ann Arbor, MI

Gregory H. Borschel, MD
Toronto, ON, Canada

Christine Novak, PT, PhD
Toronto, ON, Canada

Allan J. Belzberg, MD
Baltimore, MD

Nash H. Naam, MD
Effingham, IL

Jonathan M. Winograd, MD
Boston, MA

Ida K. Fox, MD
St. Louis, MO

Michael W. Neumeister, MD
Springfield, IL

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