American Society for Peripheral Nerve (ASPN)
Summer 2019
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We are ASPN

Geographic Location of ASPN Members: United States
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Global Geographic Location of ASPN Members
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Total members: 277
Total Candidate members:
(those in training or just finished with training)
Total members outside North America: 39
Specialties/disciplines represented: Plastic Surgery: 55.60% of membership
Orthopedic Surgery: 17.69% of membership
Neurosurgery: 11.19% of membership
Neuroscientist: 7.94% of membership
General Surgery: 2.89% of membership
Otolaryngologist: 1.81% of membership
Hand Therapy: 0.36% of membership
Neurologist: 0.36% of membership
Physical Therapist: 0.36% of membership
Unknown: 1.81%

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