American Society for Peripheral Nerve (ASPN)
Issue 12, Spring 2022
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What’s new in nerve this month? Let’s backtrack a few months… to the 1980’s
Hollie Power, Joseph Catapano, ASW
Joseph Catapano, MD
Hollie Power, MD

Back to the future never sounded so fitting! In addition to big hair, shoulder pads, and Pac Man, centralization of pain and walking tracks were leading innovations! Let’s travel back to the 1980’s to see what was the future of nerve… and the top 5 most cited nerve injury-related articles from that decade (according to Scopus).

  1. Woolf, C.J. Evidence for a central component of post-injury pain hypersensitivity.
    Nature. 1983; 306(5944), 686-688

    Citations: 1573

  2. Bain, J.R., Mackinnon, S.E., Hunter, D.A. Functional evaluation of complete sciatic, peroneal, and posterior tibial nerve lesions in the rat.
    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 1989; 83(1): 129-136

    Citations: 1036

  3. de Medinaceli, L., Freed, W.J., Wyatt, R.J. An index of the functional condition of rat sciatic nerve based on measurements made from walking tracks.
    Experimental Neurology. 1982; 77(3), 634-643.

    Citations: 944

  4. Silverstein, B.A., Fine, L.J., Armstrong, T.J. Occupational factors and carpal tunnel syndrome.
    American Journal of Industrial Medicine. 1987; 11(3), 343-358.

    Citations: 691

  5. Wall, P.D., Devor, M. Sensory afferent impulses originate from dorsal root ganglia as well as from the periphery in normal and nerve injured rats.
    Pain. 1983; 17(4), 321-339.

    Citations: 516

Looks like the presses were the hottest in 1986:

Brain Research and Experimental Neurology were the two journals publishing the most articles on nerve injury in the ‘80’s:

Search terminology used:
TITLE-ABS-KEY ( peripheral AND nerve AND injury ) AND PUBYEAR > 1979 AND PUBYEAR < 1991 AND ( LIMIT-TO ( DOCTYPE , "ar" ) OR LIMIT-TO ( DOCTYPE , "re" ) ) AND ( LIMIT-TO ( LANGUAGE , "English" ) ) AND ( LIMIT-TO ( SRCTYPE , "j" ) ). Includes: clinical & basic science, review articles, English language. Search performed March 14, 2022—thank you, Hollie Power!

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