American Society for Peripheral Nerve (ASPN)
Issue 12, Spring 2022
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Blast from the Past!!! Part deux
This photo was taken at the first ASRM meeting in NYC in 1983.
Can you identify the person(s) in this photograph who made this historic contribution to peripheral nerve surgery?
  1. The nerve to masseter transfer for congenital facial palsy.
  2. The Father of Microsurgery
  3. The first editor of Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery
  4. Pioneer microsurgeon from Australia
  5. First microsurgical laboratory at Stanford
  6. Worked with burn patients at Valhalla, Editor Amer College Cosmetic Surgery
  7. With Rollin Daniels, introduced the free fibula
  8. First attempts to replant extremity in Japan in the 1960’s
  9. Brachial Plexus reconstruction and originator of the Alpine Plexus meetings
  10. Facial Palsy reconstruction and originator of LIPS
  11. In 1979 published on 256 free tissue transfers, including the jejunum
  12. French plexus pioneer who "has examined over 5,500 patients and performed brachial plexus repair surgery in over 1,100 children and 400 adults".
  13. First Plastic Surgeon to have a PhD. Probable descendent of Phillip of Macedonia. First to reinnervate the cornea, first President of ASPN
  14. First to replant a hand
  15. Became President of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, with Raymond Curtis and Milton Edgerton as his mentors
  16. Pioneer of revascularization of the femoral head and successor to Leonard Goldner
  17. Began “SOS de la Main”
  18. Began microsurgery in Yugoslavia. Traveling fellowship named for him in ASRM
  19. Perhaps most famous for creating a beating heart from a myocardioblast in culture dish
  20. Created the Levator Retrodisplacement procedure in 1969 to treat velopharyngeal incompetence, and fleur-de-lys abdominoplasty in 1985
  21. First cross-face nerve graft in South America
  22. Early advocate of nerve repair and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Cornell
  23. Primary repair of two tendons in “no man’s land”
  24. Leader in microsurgical reconstruction & Chief of Plastic Surgery, Keio University
  25. Pioneer microsurgeon in Munich, President of World & Internat Microsurgery Societies
  26. Discoverer of Angiosomes
  27. Proponent of intra-op electrical recordings, founding member of ASPN
  28. Member of the Eastern Virginia Plastic Surgery group led by Charles Horton
  29. Described the free neurovascular 1st dorsal webspace flap for hand reconstruction.
  30. Did the first free flap at Johns Hopkins (Baltimore City Hospital) but best known for latissimus flap for breast reconstruction and design of breast implants
  31. Took over leadership of the Raymond T. Curtis Hand Center
  32. Indiana Hand Center originator
  33. Investigated psychological aspects of replantation
Thank you to Dr. A. Lee Dellon for submitting this photo and the associated questions. He has graciously offered to provide a copy of his text, Joint Denervation, to the ASPN member who gets the most questions correct! Please email with your responses (if you’d like to go for the win!)… no cheating! Answers will be published in the next issue of Synapse.

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