American Society for Peripheral Nerve (ASPN)
Issue 11, Winter 2022

Gregory Borschel, MD
What an incredible two years it has been serving as the President of ASPN! I could not be prouder of what the Society has accomplished and the challenges that we overcame in those two years. Our society is as vibrant as ever, and now has even more members than before the pandemic – an all-time high.

We launched Synapse thanks to Editor Dr. Alison Snyder-Warwick and her team of Associate and Junior Editors. Synapse has re-energized our society and the information include in this publication is always relevant and interesting. on Instagram was born and has developed into an incredible platform for fun and fascinating content, and a forum for ASPN community engagement and global exposure. Drs. Jose Telich and Kevin Zuo have lead this initiative from the start and the posts that their team puts out its second to none. now has over 2,000 followers on Instagram! We also developed the ASPN Distinguished Service Award thanks to the vision of Dr. Ida Fox, which was presented to Dr. Susan Mackinnon in January 2022, and created an international nerve connections award. This award will address an outreach gap that our Society has not yet filled by extending educational opportunities to under-resourced communities around the world each year. More information about this program will be available in the near future. We also continued to mature as a Society, with expansion of the ASPN Mentorship Program under the leadership of Jon Winograd, strengthening of our by-laws and policies, and grew our membership throughout the pandemic. I could not have done any of this alone. I was supported by an amazing leadership team which I am incredibly grateful to call my friends.

One of the greatest challenges we faced over the last two years was whether or not to move ahead with the 2022 ASPN Annual Meeting last month at the height of Omicron, and with significant faculty attrition and concerns over the health and safety of our community. There were a lot of phone calls and text messages and emails and anxiety in the few weeks leading up to the meeting as ASPN, AAHS and ASRM collectively evaluated the situation from every angle possible. As you know, we proceeded with COVID safety measures, and it turned out to be a wonderful experience learning and connecting in-person again! I am happy to report that 68% of our 2022 Annual Meeting registrants were able to come to Carlsbad. For those unable to be with us in Carlsbad, we missed you so much! All registrants, whether you were in-person or not, will have access to the on-demand recordings of the educational sessions which should be available soon. Credit is due to Program Chair Dr. Kristen Davidge, ASPN Meeting Manager Crystal Beatrice, and Executive Director Sarah Boardman who reworked our Annual Meeting program daily (almost hourly!) to make it a success. A huge thank you for your unprecedented dedication to the ASPN.

Now I pass the ASPN Presidency to Dr. Gedge Rosson. I have no doubt that Gedge will take the ASPN to new heights during his tenure. Congratulations, Gedge!!

Greg Borschel, MD
Past President, 2020-22

Kevin Zuo, MDJosé Telich, MD
by Kevin Zuo and José Telich
The ASPN Social Committee was created to promote ASPN, highlight peripheral nerve surgery, and engage the international committee of @NerveNerds! From humble beginnings, we've grown into a 28 person strong committee composed of medical students, research trainees, residents, fellows, and attending staff.

Since March 2021, we've recruited over 2,000 followers from Mexico to Macedonia and all around the world, and we've shared over 120 posts on surgical images, research highlights, basic science techniqu es, member interviews, and program showcases.

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Blast from the Past!!!

Lisa Gfrerer, MD

Lisa Gfrerer

Nerve imaging has come a long way...
From Cajal’s meticulous illustrations and histological slides of axonal degeneration (A1, A2) (1) and regeneration (A3) (2) to Leckenby’s 3D re- constructed electron microscopy images detailing axonal sprouting across a neurorrhaphy. Nine hundred serial sections were aligned and auto-segmented to demonstrate an overview of axonal behavior (2).

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PSRCJune 9-12, 2022(Toronto, Canada)

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